‘Featured Artist,’ The Dead Tongues, “Deep Water, Strange Wind”

Today, The Troubadour’s Road is proud to feature The Dead Tongues and the song, “Deep Water, Strange Wind,” from the 2020 album, Transmigration Blues. This, by far, is the best album of 2020, so it was difficult to pick just one song. You can purchase the album here. My humble advice is to simply hit play on the first track, “Peaceful Ambassador” and let it play through to “Road to Heaven.”

The Dead Tongues is the moniker for artist, Ryan Gustafson, who resides in the hills of North Carolina, living the life many sing about in old folk songs. He has used these recent, trying times dealing with the pandemic to not only put out music, but has released some incredible collaborations with fellow musicians in QuaranTV (some of these videos will be featured soon), and most importantly, has been actively championing and supporting social justice issues locally and nationally.

Gustafson’s lyrics in “Deep Water, Strange Wind,” are hauntingly poetic as he writes,

Water signs in a hotel room

Got laid out on a stranger moon
Held my breath, took a dive with you
Got real low in the endless blue

You got eyes made of wide open sky
I been out on a long midnight

Guess we all get dark sometimes
Ain’t no weight of mind

I fell into deep water
Deep water my friend

I got caught, in a strange wind
A strange wind

Music fans look forward to when he’s able to hit the road again to tour, but in the meantime here are links to support his music, to buy merch and to grab a poster. It is only fitting to do our part, as you see the new purchased vinyl in the picture below.

Here, as well, is the song, “Deep Water, Strange Wind,” through his YouTube channel, enjoy:

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